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    Author of the new Hearts of Darkness series

  • Andrew James...

     Author. Poet. Editor. Researcher.


    When you pick up a book written by Andrew James... 


    Prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime.

    Andrew James has been writing for more than twenty years, finally publishing his works little by little to the Kindle market. He has written under two names, and currently has four other works available for purchase.

    Seven Minutes Till Death

    An individual is yard saling in search of a hammer, but buys a simple and unappealing cigar box instead. It is empty, plain and devoid of adornment. Yet it hides a terrible secret: A dark power and a malicious intent. What follows is a rapid and unimaginable spiral into madness you'll have to read to believe!


    This is but a taste of what awaits the reader in Seven Minutes Till Death, book one of the Hearts of Darkness mini-series.


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  • Biography

    The story behind the author.


    Andrew was born in October of 1981 to a single mother. She remarried when Andrew was three, and her new husband adopted Andrew as his own. 


    As he grew to adulthood, Andrew's biggest influences came from both parents; his mother influencing his artistic side, and his dad influencing his logic, work ethic and practicality. 


    Andrew began writing in the third grade, and the love of reading and writing only got stronger as he aged.


    His first full length novel has never been published as of yet, but he does say it is coming. He does have a series also in the works, and four books currently available.



    Writing is not his only passion, however.

    Other Focuses

    Andrew has always enjoyed acting, music and graphic arts of all kinds. He learned to oil paint at seven years old, and has continued to do so. He has enjoyed the occasions he's had to act, both in theatrical performances and in recorded shorts. He has also recorded several albums across multiple genres.

    Interesting Facts

    • Andrew's first novel was written before he was twenty, and is titled Solitude
    • He enjoys music from all genres, including country, rap, classical, bluegrass, and rock
    • Andrew has worked in customer service, warehousing, food service, general maintenance, auto detailing, landscaping, music production, sound engineering, videography, post-production, carpentry, delivery, and more!
    • Some of his favorite movies are: Lethal Weapon series, Matrix series, Marvel movies
    • Some of his favorite music: DMX, Stryper, Petra, Three Days Grace, Clint Black
    • Andrew doesn't like to have pictures taken of himself due to dental issues
    • He co-hosts the official podcast for UnCommon Christianity
    • He has three sisters, and no brothers
    • He currently battles with a muscular condition known as Dystonia, something he has dealt with from a young age
    • Andrew hails from New Hampshire, USA, but currently resides in New Mexico
  • Books by Andrew James

    The following works are written by Andrew James, under his name or the nom de plum "Andrew Ross."

    Flash! Short Stories for Anytime

    Seven Minutes Till Death

    Book One in the Hearts of Darkness Miniseries

    A simple cigar box.


    It is empty, and devoid of anything appealing to the eye. There is nothing that should make a person purchase it over something they actually need- Such as a hammer.


    Yet that is exactly what happens in this story, and the ensuing tale will have you checking your own sanity to be sure it is intact!


    This title is available now on Amazon!

    Get your copy!

    Battered Soul Bared

    Flash! Short Stories for Any Time

    18 short stories that are perfect for reading during breaks, lunches, or any time!

    The Grim Reaper pens a message to the world. A young woman possesses an amazing gift. A surprising protagonist is escorted to Heaven


    These stories and so much more await the reader in Flash! Short Stories for Any Time.

    Reflections for the Warrior's Soul Volume 1

    Battered Soul Bared

    Volume 1

    A collection of poetry ranging across topics of race relations, faith, life and death, inspiration, modern slavery, relationships, depression and much more.

    The perfect collection for any poetry enthusiast!

    Women in Ministry: A Brief Look at the Role of Women Within the Christian Church

    Reflections for the Warrior's Soul

    Volume 1

    29 articles on subjects ranging from the Old Testament prophet Elijah and what can be learned from his experiences; to the Beatitudes and what phrases such as "turn the other cheek" actually signified in that time period!



    Also included within the pages of this collection you'll find many special extras, including the second, long awaited and highly anticipated sequel to the short story "The Zealot." Don't miss it!

    Women in Ministry: A Brief Look at the Role of Women Within the Christian Church

    Women in Ministry

    A Brief Look at the Role of Women Within the Christian Church

    This is a six page, report-style booklet which briefly examines the question of women in ministry.


    It centers on the use of 1 Timothy 2:9-15, and critically frames the argument for and against women holding ministerial positions within the Christian church, with an emphasis on clearly and concisely portraying the truth of the matter.


    This is a must have for anyone interested in Christian doctrine; or for that person simply looking to learn more about the subject.


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